December 23, 2014

Youth Spiritual Competitions Celebration on Sunday

Keraza Children

The church joyfully invites her children that participated in the spiritual competition and Mahragan Al-Keraza to celebrate their wonderful performance this Sunday following the Holy Liturgy. In addition to prizes and certificates presented by Fr. Mina and Fr. Moses, the children will also attend a party dedicated to them to express the church’s appreciation for […]

مسابقة مهرجان الكرازة للكبار لعام 2010

يسر ابرشية لوس انجلوس -مهرجان الكرازة- ان تعلن و لاول مرة عن مسابقة للكبار
.المسا بقة تتكون من جزئين هما: جزء رياضى و جزء روحى.&nb…

Mahragan Al Keraza Adult Competition 2010

The Diocese of Los Angeles – Mahragan Al Keraza 2010 is pleased to announce it’s First  Adult Competition.  The competition will be composed of two components:  Spiritual and Sports. The Sports’ competition will have t…